Hippodrome Casino – Enter the Dream World!

James K. Laliberte

  • Introduction
  • Games in Hippodrome
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    • Casino war
    • Pai Gow
    • Roulette
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    • Baccarat
  • Responsible gaming
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  • Hippodrome Sports Lounge
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The Hippodrome located in Leicester square, London is one of the largest and busiest Casino’s in UK. It has three different Casinos on three different floors. All three Casinos have different and dynamic themes that make the place an attraction for people from around the world. Five floors of Hippodrome offer a variety of entertainment and gambling. The grand casino is situated on the first floor. The Macau Lounge is also present in this floor. The 340 degrees’ view of the magnificent auditorium is one of the major attractions of the visitors.  Heliot steak house offers world class steaks to the visitors. Lola’s’ Casino is on the lower ground floor that is equipped with classy music and entertainment. A quitter gaming environment is provided in the third floor, the Cranbourn club. Alongside the Carbourn club is the two layered smoking terrace. Hippodrome offers free entry and is open 24 hours. Moreover, Hippodrome does not require any membership. Hippodrome offers a variety of entertainment programs for all ages and types. If you are 18 above, you can definitely find something interesting here. All floors of the Hippodrome offer something exciting and you cannot truly feel it until you visit it.

Games in Hippodrome

The three floors of Hippodrome offer ultimate gaming experience.

3 card Poker game

The three card poker game is fast and moving. To win this game the player has to have a three card poker hand that has a higher value than that of the dealer. The player can place a bet on Ante or Pair Plus or both. Each player gets three cards. If the player has placed a bet on Ante and believes that his hand is higher than the dealer, the player can place another equal bet on the Ante. If the reckons to have a hand lower than that of the dealer, the players can fold their Ante or Pair Plus or both bets and the dealer will collect them. The players may want to play the prime bet in which they can must bet in the Ante or Pair plus or both and will win if all three cards are of same color.

Casino War

Casino war is an equally great game for the experienced players as well as the new players. To win the game, the player has to get the highest value card. Standard decks with 52 cards are used for this game and as in usual poker games Aces is the highest value card. The dealer and the player are dealt with one card each and if the players card has a higher value, the players gets the stake. In case of a tie, the player has two options either to surrender or to declare war. If the player decides to surrender he/she loses half of the stake and in case of war, the player will have to place the original stake. The player is also offered with a side bet in case of tie. If the player bets on the side tie and the cards of the player and the dealer are alike, then the player wins 10 to 1 his original tied bet stake.

Pai Gow

Pai Gow is an ancient Chinese game that means “make nine”. The player will play against the House. To play the game we need 32 dominoes(tiles), three dice and a shaker. The players place an initial bet prior to the start of the game. After mixing up the tiles the dealer makes two piles and tosses the dice to decide the first player to get the stack of tiles.  Rankings are assigned to individual tiles as well as the combination of tiles. The supreme pair is the one with the highest ranking and it consists of 2-1 and 4-2. Next to the supreme pair is called pairs. Next to it is the Wongs and it has a nine paired either with a double or a six. Then comes the gongs and it has eight paired either with a double or a six. If these combinations are not obtained by the player or the dealer, the sum of the tiles is added to the total. If the total value exceeds 9, 10 will be deducted from the sum and the rest will be added to the total. 4 tiles each are dealt to the players and the dealer and two hands are formed called the low and the high hand. To win from the dealer, the players much have both hands higher than that of the dealer.

The game is tied if the one of the hands of the player is equal or higher than that of the dealers’ and the other hand is lower.

If the high hand of the dealer and the player are a match, then the rank of each tile in each hand will be checked. If they are also same, the dealer will win the high hand. Similarly, if the lower hand of the player and the dealer are a match then the rank of each tile in the hand will be checked. If the rank of each tile is also a match, the dealer will win the low hand as well. If the players lose on both hands, the bet of the players is lost to the house.


If you believe you are lucky, this is the game for you. The roulette wheel consists of numbers ranging from 0 to 30 that are either black or red in color. Zero however, is marked green. The players can place bet on individual numbers as well as on pairs and groups.  The players can keep placing bets in the form of chips as long as the dealer spins the wheel. After the ball lands, the dealer will clear the table and only winning numbers will stay there which will be paid subsequently. Bets may vary from £1 to £500.

Hippodrome also offers a Dragon Roulette where the players can win up to 300 times of their original bet.


Blackjack is another easy and exciting game played at the hippodrome. To win the game the player has to have all cards having a collective value higher than the dealers’. However, the total value with the player must not exceed 21. The king, queen, jack and tens have the value 10. Aces are marked 1 or 11 and the other number have their own value. To play the game, the players can place the bet in the betting areas. The players can decide to stay or draw more cards until they are satisfied with their hand. The dealer will draw cards until they have a collective value of 17 or more. Except the blackjack, the bets are paid even money. If the dealer’s hand is higher than that of the player but is lower than 21, the player loses. It’s a tie of the dealer and the player have the same value.  If the player gets a Blackjack, he will be paid out 3 to 2.

Progressive Jackpot

To win the progressive jackpot, the player can place a bet of £5. If the value of the first 2 cards sums up to be 11, you win.


In this side bet if the player puts bet on 21+3 box and the first two cards of the player and the first card of the dealer make a Flush, a Straight or a 3 of a Kind and the player wins nine times of his original stake.

Top 3

If the player puts a bet on the Top 3 box and the first two cards of the player and the first card of the dealer make a Straight, a Straight Flush, 3 of a Kind or a 3 of a Kind suited, the player wins.

A very exciting side offer at hippodrome lets you win a lot from the Blackjack.

Perfect pairs

TO win the bet on the perfect pair, the player should put stake on the perfect pair box. If the first two cards of the player are a pair, the player wins. The pairs can be mixed, colored, perfect or suited trips.

Jackpot (£250)

The player can win the jackpot (£250) the player must have Ace and King of Spades and the dealer does not have a collective value of 11.

Suited 11s

If the player has the first two cards with value equivalent to 11 and are of the same unit, the player wins.

Colored 11s

If the players have first two cards of same color and a collective value of 11, the player wins.

Mixed 11s

If the first two cards have a collective value of 11 with different colors, the player wins.


This is another exciting game also played at the Hippodrome. The player is called Punto and the bank is called Banco. The values of the cards in each hand are added together and if they are equal or closer to nine, you win. You may place the bet on Puntos’ or Banco’s hand. Both the player and the bank are dealt with two hands of two cards each. A natural win occurs if the total of the two cards of the are 8 or 9 for the player or the banker. If the total of the Bank or the player is in between 0 and 5, they draw another card. Hippodrome offers two types of Baccarat I.e. Traditional Baccarat and Punto 2000.

The Red 8 promotion

Hippodrome offers a Red 8 promotion in the area. If the bank wins with a red 8 in the Bank Hand up to £200 on any Bank winner and up to £250 on a natural 8/9 Bank winner.

These bids are offered on two floors of Hippodrome. You can play it in the Macau lounge and the Cranbourn VIP area.

Responsible Gambling

Hippodrome wants the players to enjoy and but play responsibly. Playing responsibly not only lets you enjoy the moment but also keeps you away from gambling addiction. Hippodrome participates in SENSE (Self-Enrollment National Self-Exclusion) scheme of self-exclusion. Through this scheme the participant can control the gambling addiction by excluding himself from all land based casinos for at least six months. Gambling addiction can become severe if it is not addressed at a proper time. Addiction can lead to the destruction of life. To save our members from such fate, hippodrome promotes responsible playing and for this purpose, consultants are also available at the Hippodrome venue. Players who seek advice may reach them easily and we assure a quality service from them. If not stopped at the right time, the gambling addiction can lead to a disastrous life.


To have membership in the Hippodrome Casino login to https://www.hippodromecasino.com/sign-up/. By providing some basic information, you can have the gold card of the Hippodrome Casino.

Hippodrome Sports Lounge

In the Lola’s Underground Casino, there is Luxury sports lounge providing a world class sports experience. The lounge contains a 10m curved screen giving as amazing view of any sports going on in the world. The venue has 60 exclusive seats and the ambiance is very attractive and enjoyable.

Various magic and entertainment shows are performed from Wednesday to Saturday nights. To enjoy these no tickets or prior reservations are required.

Playing online

To play in England’s most iconic casino you need not to be present there. You can play with Hippodrome at home as well. You may register yourself in the hippodrome online casino. Hippodrome provides a 24/7 live support to the online players. The online players also give loyalty points to the online members every time they play. The online casino lets the players enjoy a wide range of Roulette, Poker and Blackjack games. A welcome bonus of £250 is offered to the new members of the online Hippodrome Casino. For this the user will have to deposit an initial amount of £250 and then they can £250 bonus. For more info of this offer visit https://www.hippodromeonline.com/ Players from all around the world such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada can participate through this online hippodrome casino. The game of the week played online lets you collect double loyalty points.  Free spins are also offered to the new customers. However, they are only valid for a limited time duration as mentioned. For the free spin no deposits are required.

Bars and Lounges in Hippodrome

The boozy tea room

The hippodrome becomes a Boozy Tea Room, a majestically enjoyable place that is an ideal venue for talks over tea. Cocktails and scrumptious bites are served to visitors. This is an ideal place for business and home talks because of its deluxe atmosphere.

Havana Club Terrace

The Havana terrace club is on the third floor of the hippodrome. The visitors are served with Cuban cocktails and bites. The soothing sunlight gives the visitors some peace of mind. Owing to the weather, you might not be able to enjoy the sun, the view and the summer vibes. The smoking terrace has its own cigars and the smoky environment that gives a comfortable and heated environment.

Heliot Cocktail bar

On the second floor of the Hippodrome is the Heliot cocktail bar. It provides an open space that is perfect for work meetings and night outs. You have to try this if you love open spaces with enticing air.


Hippodrome also offers an exciting food experience for food lovers. The Heliot steak house sells the best and renowned steaks in London. The Heliot steak house has only 100 seats providing the best view in London. Along with the steaks you can choose from a number of different toppings. Eight exciting sauces are available at the Heliot steak house and you get to choose the one you like. Don’t just go for the name, if you feel like having steaks for dinner, there is a lot more we offer. Fish, lamb chicken and other vegetarian dishes are also a part of the menu. Heliot steak house has won three awards for the best food around. Don’t miss a chance to try what you like. A wide variety of food options are available to the customers. Choose whatever you like. With the main course, the Heliot steak house also offer a variety of mouthwatering side dishes.

Magic Mike Live

Magic Mike live is another great experiences offered at Hippodrome casino. On the first floor, Magic Mike Live theater that creates a very entertaining night out. To be a part of this astonishing show, there is a lot to check. The hippodrome management recommends you to arrive well before time of the show. Proof of age is required to enter the casino you must be 18. If your looks are deceiving, you must bring an ID card or proof of being 18. The show runs for 90 minutes. Channing Tatum’s amazing live performance is something nobody wants to miss.  Before and after the show, exciting food and drinks are available to the visitors so if you want to plan a meet up with your friends, this is most recommended venue. If you don’t want to miss a thing make sure you are totally free and can focus on the show. Intoxicated people are not allowed in the casino, and they will be strictly refrained from entering. To brag about your amazing night out experience, hippodrome also offers t-shirts, hoodies and mugs related to the Magic Mike Live performance. Try it!!! You won’t regret.

Private Parties

Hippodrome also offers private rooms for cloistered gatherings. It also offers lounges, restaurants and rooms bars accommodating 10 to 100 people on registration. For more information the interested people may contact here 0207 769 8888. Conference and event spaces are provided no bookings that are ideal for work meeting and conferences. Moreover, Christmas at hippodrome is another thrilling experience. To know the details of the events happening at Christmas contact at [email protected].


The players interested in promoting hippodrome casino are very warmly welcomed in the family. According to the hippodrome policy employees cannot participate in the promotions to keep the neutrality. The name and image of the participants of promotions is frequently used in the promotion events. Some of their data (to which the participants agree) is kept with the Hippodrome management. Hippodrome also reserves the right to suspend the promotional membership of any participants if they happen to find any solid reason for that.


Hippodrome Casino offers world class services toothier visitors and players. The games are played in a secure environment. Hippodrome offers all types of entertainment from sports to live performances. The type of drink and food provided here has no match and the view has also a soothing effect on the mind and soul. All five floors of Hippodrome are equipped with services that have no match. For gamblers, hippodrome provides exciting offers in almost all game that makes the games more electrifying. Magic Mike live is another electrifying experience for people who want to enjoy their night outs to the fullest. Hippodrome is one of the best places in London to enjoy the night and take memories that you will cherish for a long time. The star studded Magic Mike live theater is worth all the time. Don’t just rely on the reviews, go out there and try yourself. You will definitely agree with us.